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The Wind Beneath our Wings

Remember the passionate and beautiful song, "The Wind Beneath my Wings"? Every time I heard that song, I couldn't help but be emotionally connected and moved by what the singer was declaring. The song's whole message was directed at acknowledging someone who had propelled the singer's life for good. The singer declares, "Did you ever know that you're my hero" and "you are the wind beneath my wings". The singer is passionately recognizing that this hero had been the force that had led to her ability to soar.

Although I always loved that song, I was also slightly bothered by the lyrics. At first they sound so loving and good. Yet, how can we identify another fallible human being as being the source for our life victories, our reason for soaring, and as our hero? People can bless our lives and influence us in amazing ways. My mom has been that for me. Yet, Jesus Christ is the only true hero and the only one who can be the wind beneath our wings.

I recently was honored to lead a conference on "Uncovering: The Real You, The Real God, and The Real Enemy. Without giving the cory details, let me say that I felt attacked greatly the weeks before the conference. Satan did not want me to do the conference and if he couldn't get me to stop, he at least wanted to make me ineffective. A number of distractions were hurled my way.

Days before the conference, I found myself excited, yet concerned about being effective in speaking; making the conference interesting, yet also helpful. I had asked God numerous times to help me, to actually speak through me, and to bring those He wanted there to be there. Yet, I still found thoughts creeping in, "Will they be bored?" "Will I ramble?", "Will they even get anything out of it?"

Finally, close to conference time, I came to a focussed and simple stance that put my thoughts in perspective. "God, I just want to say whatever you want said, no more, no less. I want You to be pleased; thats all that matters."

It's as if that declaration set the stage for me that God was pleased. If I could live life like that: "God, let me please you. Some might like it, some may not, some may not give a rip one way or the other. Yet if You are pleased, that's all that matters."

Yet, don't we all like others to be pleased? Several kind folk gave me sweet words of approval following the conference. I was so thrilled to know that God had ministered through me. While their words felt great to hear, I knew who was the source of any good done from my efforts. He wants to be the wind beneath all of our wings if we want Him, we seek Him, and we acknowledge Him as the Wind. He is my Hero!


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