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Dr. Stephanie Karlosky, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP-AS

Stephanie Karlosky is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Tennessee. Stephanie operates a private practice within the TLC Conference Center. She works with individuals age 15 and up. 

My upbringing was truly a blessing. My place in this world has been sculpted by all the memories of joy, sadness, pleasure, and pain. As a child, I opted to play "counselor" rather than house. My most notorious client was a purple whale with it's eye gouged out. It was from my early years I learned being a counselor is not a profession it is a way of life.


I have always been a relational being. I would talk to friends, family, and my fingers if no one was awake! I yearned to communicate and listen. It was never about recognition. I wanted to be a spark of compassion to everyone around me. This continued throughout my life. Socially, I have been the friend that others seek out when they need someone to listen, calm, and give advice.


During my graduate programming at Denver Seminary, I learned the value of self-care as I grew in knowledge and wisdom. It was during that time that personal reformation and development fostered my understanding of life, love, and spirituality. My compassion for others increased and my philosophies of life evolved. My past endeavors and education have greatly impacted my professional and personal life.


When TLC opened, I thrived on the opportunity of creative freedom. I have incorporated music, art, spirituality, and so much more into my practice. I am honored to offer these to my clients as it gives way to a calm, safe environment. It is one that many do not experience in different settings. The greatest things in my life are not materialistic objects, they are people. My family, friends, clients, and community continue to inspire me towards my God-given journey.


In regards to the future, I would like to pursue teaching in an academic setting. In addition, I have began planning group counseling experiences to offer the community. It is my hope that this conference center be a beacon of hope in a world troubled with fear. 

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