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Truth Life & Compassion Conference Center

Dr. Karlosky became motivated to provide conferences dedicated to advancing humanity by sharing what the decades of study and counseling others has shown her as the major influences upon our emotional and mental health.  The more we know, the more we are equipped to not only help ourselves, but also our families and relationships in general.  

Sharing truth, what helps promote a great life, and offering compassion is what TLC is about.  It is located just outside of the City of Cookeville and offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for conference attendees.

TLC's setting is limited to a maximum of 100.  Handicap accessible bathrooms and handicap parking are available for disabled individuals. Parking for all other attendees is off the street and easily accessible from the main roads of Cookeville. 

TLC's property boasts the feeling of professionalism in a relaxed setting. Conferences here will offer evidence based teachings within a more personal environment. 

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