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For more information about speaking engagements occurring offsite informational link will be provided below. If you would like to contact TLC about scheduling a speaking engagement please inquire through our Contact page.
No upcoming events at the moment

Discover Your Blueprints and Build Your Best You

This conference will equip you with in-depth insight into the influences and processes of a person’s development. It meets for two days for three hours a day because of the amount of material covered  It will draw from psychological research, science, and Biblical truths.  You will be provided an approach for  assessing and promoting your own mental and emotional health.   


We will explore how to identify and understand your personality and strengths, emotional wounds, inherited conditions, and patterns you adopted that hinder or promote your life and relationships. The insight you gain will not only help you better understand and promote yourself towards God’s plan for you, but also those you love.

This conference will be a 6 hour, 2 day event. 

Friday, April 26, 5pm to 8pm          AND            Saturday, April 27 9am to 12 noon. 

Cost is $50—covers both days

Dealing with Hurt: Turning Junk into Jewels

Dealing with emotional pain is the challenge of life. All of us will face being hurt and how we deal with our emotional pain is a major determinant upon our quality of life and relationships. We tend to stumble into patterns of responding and there are common unhealthy responses that lead to more damage than the original hurt.  There are also effective and healthy ways to respond that we all need to learn to use.  


This conference is an in-depth study on the healthy and unhealthy responses to emotional pain and you will come out equipped with clear approaches for responding when you have been hurt.  Several graphic true accounts of those responding to their own pain will illustrate the harm we can cause, or the healing we can promote. Pain is always going to be a part of living in a fallen world.  How we deal with our hurt will determine much of who we become and how we experience life. This conference will provide clear approaches to use in monitoring your responses to hurt.  It will also illustrate how to redirect yourself to responses that lead to God turning your pain into some of life’s greatest treasures

This is a 3 hour conference and will be offered on 2 dates:


Friday, May 17, 5pm to 8pm            AND         Saturday, May 18, 9am to 12 noon.

Cost is $30


Many who grew up with ADD/ADHD were never diagnosed and provided treatment.  Yet, they not only maneuvered life with creativity, but also with frustrations, struggles, and strain on relationships.   Inattention, restlessness, behavioral control difficulty, impulsivity, disorganization, and other symptoms of ADHD emerge early in life and continue for most adults.  If you live with ADD or ADHD or if you love someone who does, this conference is for you!  Living with ADD/ADHD can make life an exciting adventure, but at times a painful one.  The more insight into the ADD/ADHD mind, the more you are equipped to have the life God wants for you versus a life derailed in hurtful ways.  We will explore the various types of ADHD, relevant and current research, treatment, and helpful insight for ways to thrive.

This is a 3 hour conference and will be offered on 2 dates:


Friday June 7 from 5 to 8 pm      AND       Saturday, June 8, from 9am to noon

Cost is $30 per person

The Real God, The Real You, and The Real Enemy

From the time we are born, we face challenges that come from being in a fallen world.  As we live, we foster either healthy or unhealthy traits.  While there are many negative traits, there are six that are most destructive and the more we express them, the more we open doors to damaging influence.  The more we embrace and develop the traits of Jesus, the more we draw the powerful influence of God that establishes us into who He meant us to be.  This conference will explore what we inherited from our Creator, along with the unfortunate additions to our DNA that came when evil arrived on the scene.  You will be equipped to nourish who you were meant to be, while starving out the six most destructive traits of the Enemy.  Be ready to open doors to flourishing relationships, fulfilling your life mission, and embracing the perks God wanted you to enjoy.  Uncover what the real Enemy wants hidden, the real God wants found, and the real you desperately needs.  

This is a 3 hour conference and will be offered on a Friday evening and Saturday morning. The date is yet to be determined.

Cost is $30

Stocking Your Mental Health Toolbox with 10 Essential Tools

We need to be intentional in promoting our mental health. This conference will cover several  practical strategies that are essential to use if we are to have positive relationships and emotionally and mentally healthy lives. We need to be equipped with effective ways to deal with life situations, such as dealing with conflict, learning to confront and set boundaries, ways to redirect negative thoughts, and how to recognize when your past hurts are being triggered.  Come and learn or sharpen your tools in these and other areas that are needed for living well. We will identify several approaches and skills, do a quick overview of each, and explore ways of keeping them a part of your daily life. 

This is a 3 hour conference and will be offered on 2 dates:

To Be Determined

Cost is $30

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