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Magic Glasses

The older I get, the more I think we all need a pair of magic glasses. Most might think magic glasses would give us x-ray vision or enable us to see for miles. Yet, the glasses I wish I could invent would provide vision even more remarkable. We would be able to see into the future. I realize this may sound kooky and way out there.

Seeing into the future seems creepy and we would likely be grieved and terrified to see painful events that would be in our future. However, my magic glasses would actually equip us to change the direction of much of our future. They would be like a GPS device. We would be able to see where we would end up if we stay on the course we are on. Thus, by looking through our glasses, we could make adjustments that could change our future!

Although we don’t have such glasses, we do have the ability to think ahead, to learn from others who have traveled the course before us, and we have the directions from the Word of God. He does see the future. Yet, sadly we usually just keep trucking without using the means to help us make adjustments that would steer us away from potholes, ditches, and even deadly cliffs.

Now that I am crossing the line (some would say I’ve already crossed it!) into the senior years, I find that many of my counseling clients are younger than me. I find myself wanting to warn and advise many in teenage years, twenties, and even thirties about what’s to come if they don’t make adjustments in their course. Sometimes the knowledge I want to share has come from my own experiencing the outcomes from taking the same road they are on. Sometimes its knowledge I’ve gained from watching others and some is from knowing what the Word has predicted and warned.

I recently began counseling a young woman who I counseled years ago in her early teens. Back then, I had passionately tried to warn and encourage her to change her course. During our counseling, I cringed for what I predicted her future would hold if she didn’t make adjustments. However, I felt powerless in influencing her. Now about a decade later, she sits before me with a mountain of hurt and damage. As she cried a million tears, she admitted that I had clearly warned her. Oh, if I could have invented the magic glasses when she was young.

We all would likely enjoy seeing into the future if we could all see great things to come. My magic glasses can also help us see the wonderful events God has planned for us. I try putting on such glasses whenever the world gets too hurtful. I look into my future in a better world, into my real home, into a place where we won’t need magic glasses because we will see our Lord face to face. Until then, I encourage us all, search and wear magic glasses.

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