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Turning Junk Into Jewels: Learning to Deal with the Hurts of Life

     The challenge of life is to deal with hurt in healthy ways. None will live without facing pain, and how we respond determines much of who we become and we experience life. Unfortunately, we typically stumble into patterns of responding, and some may cause more pain and harm than the original hurt we encountered.

     Parent's greatest gift to their children is to teach them to deal with hurt in healthy ways and yet they may not know how themselves. Instead parents want to spare their children from all pain, but they cannot.

     Hurt doesn't have to end with permanent harm. Instead, if we know how to respond hurt can lead to life's greatest riches. Psychologist Peggy Karlosky has spend over thirty years counseling hurting people. The decades of dealing with her own pain, along with that of so many others have fueled Turning Junk Into Jewels.

     Heart-wrenching and graphic stores of those who junk turned into avoidable damage will warn of the danger. Yet, stirring accounts of those who hurt was turned into exquisite qualities and blessings will both equip and inspire you to turn your own pain into priceless treasure. Turning Junk Into Jewels provides the clear and powerful ways to deal with your hurt in ways that will lead to a better life and a better you.

Turning Junk Into Jewels

Listen as Dr. Karlosky gives a brief introduction to her book.

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