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6 Doors That Lead From Defeat to Hope: Uncover the Real You, the Real God, and the Real Enemy

In Uncover the Real God, the Real you, and the Real Enemy, Dr. Karlosky maps the way to win the war for our destiny. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are fueled by what we know. We are destined for a destructive life if we don't know the real God, who He designed us to be, and the actual Enemy. 

Learn what we inherited from our Creator, along with the unfortunate additions to our DNA that came when evil arrived on the scene. You will be equipped to nourish who you were meant to be, while starving out the intrusive traits of the Enemy. 

Be ready to open doors to flourishing relationships, fulfilling your life mission, and embracing the perks God wanted you to enjoy. Uncover what the real Enemy wants hidden, the real God wants found, and the real you desperately needs.

Dr. Karlosky's Introduction

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