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Dr. Peggy Karlosky

     I began pondering on deep questions early in life. Why we are here, who is God, and

what’s influencing the course of our lives? People fascinate me and I yearn to

understand who our Creator is and what He wants for us. I have spent my life trying

to uncover truths that help us become who we were designed to be, which I believe

is grander than we know. I discovered that the greatest antidote for humanity’s pain

and decline is love. In my quest for wisdom, I found that you don’t find wisdom

without love and you don’t find love without wisdom. They just go together as it

should be.

     My hunt for wisdom also led me to psychology. I earned my BS at the University of

Tennessee, my MS and PhD at the University of Kentucky, and completed my doctoral

internship at the Vanderbilt Consortium. Thirty years in the field of psychology have

provided a variety of experiences. The first decade of my career included teaching at two

universities, working in a psychiatric hospital, and a community mental health center. For

over the last twenty-five years, I have been in private practice. During my practice, I have

been a consultant to two therapeutic foster care programs and a youth residential

program, provided evaluations for high-risk offenders in a correctional program, and for

thirteen years, I led a counseling group for Tennessee physicians, dentists, and

pharmacists in recovery. I have provided individual, family, and group counseling and

have worked along side those dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship struggles,

trauma, and a host of addictions and hurts.

     As a psychologist in private practice, I have been invited into the private and tender

personal struggles and heartaches of many people’s lives. Counseling has been a

great privilege and learning experience. I have been honored to help others find

healing and restoration, along with victories that have strengthened my hope in a

loving God.

     For the last few years, I have had a growing desire to write books and to lead

conferences that would address issues and information related to emotional,

spiritual, and mental health. There is so much information available that would

equip us to pursue a better life and destiny for our families and ourselves. If alert

and alive, it’s never to late to learn more. The more insight and the earlier we get it,

the best chances we have in our efforts to excel in the ways God wanted for us.

Realizing we are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings, we are best equipped

when the whole person is addressed. Our emotional life affects our physical. Our

physical brain can become ill and it affects our emotions and spiritual life. We can

become spiritually compromised and our mental life becomes impaired. All of this

affects our relationships. I yearn for the whole person to be addressed in our quest

for being who we were divinely designed to be.

     I am eager for the opening of Truth, Life, & Compassion (TLC) Conference Center,

where my dream is for people to gain insight that they will use in advancing the best

life for themselves, their families, and to pass on to others. Conferences will be

designed to help provide not only information, but also hope. Each of my books will

be available for purchase at TLC conference center and

Topics for each conference will be carefully selected and designed to help promote

the conference center’s name: Truth, Life, and Compassion.

     On a personal note, I have been married for almost 38 years and have three grown

children and three grandchildren. I love spending time with my family and enjoy

the simple pleasures of life. I tend to live with eternity ever in mind and this

provides both comfort and motivation for trying to get others to do so also.

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