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What to Expect:

Prior to the Conference

When you notice a conference you would like to attend, you will purchase your ticket through our online portal. Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email within 24-36 hours with details of the following:

-Arrival Time

-Conference Schedule

-Location with directions from Interstate 40 exit

-Information on parking

-Hotels Near the facility (will be sent to all regardless of location) 

Do not feel obligated to choose a site from this list, it is only sent as potential accommodations and no benefit will come to TLC based off these recommendations.

-Email for additional questions or concerns.

When you arrive:

Upon arrival you will have the option to enter the Main doors closer to Lee Seminary Road or the entrance closest to the parking lot. After you have entered into the facility there will be a check-in area set up for you to get your name tag, conference information packet, and additional material needed for the conference. You will then have the option of seating preference (first come first serve basis). We are mindful of the conference attendees so events will be limited in available tickets. Seats will be available based on tickets sold. No walk-in attendees will be accepted. Should the event be a full day schedule, attendees will be given a form to identify any food allergies, preferences, and a menu to choose from. Please be mindful these will not be "full course meals" but will include a main dish, side, and a beverage. Bathrooms are easily accessible to all attendees. 

Upon Completion of the Conference: 

Attendees will have time to ask the presenter questions and will be emailed any information the presenter is able to send out (payment may be applicable if material is in book format). 

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